Aztec 7 Body on Craigslist

I just came across this Aztec 7 Body on Craigslist . The seller also included a few photos of what it “Could” look like when finished. This is what the ad says …

1970’s Aztec 7 Body by Fiberfab ready to build your own car with a 1970 Karman Ghia frame, pan, disc brake front end and auto transmission. No motor, I was going to build it as an Electric Car. These things look expensive when finished. Text preferred. Photos of red Aztex 7 is for illustration of a completed car, not this one for sale.

I am convinced that sellers of kit cars, especially old ones do no research on what they have and just go from what they feel when they price them. This car has been on craigslist for sometime now and it is still available. What does that tell you? Obviously the $3000 you think it is worth is off. WAY OFF!!!!

I know from company documents I own that they sold 123 of the Aztec 7. They were not popular then and they are not very popular now. I personally think they are ugly but not everyone would agree with me.

Anyway if you want to offer the seller a few $100 then here is the listing link.

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  1. Tom says:

    that add has been deleted

  2. Kal Sandhu says:

    Its based on the Alfa Romeo Carabo..a very beautiful concept car of the 1968 Geneva Car Show…I’m looking for the driver side window. Thanks.

  3. Chip Baumberger says:

    Seller relisted at $800. Let me know if anyone wants a personal account, I’m right around the corner from it. Any sources for the windows?

    • Donnie says:

      Hey Chip. The Aztec 7 body on its own is just expensive lawn art. You would have to make all the windows on your own . The windshield is from a Lamborghini Muira. Right now there is a NOS one that is about $6200 and am OEM one for $1920. PS the windshield gasket is about $500 . So you are already REALLY deep $$$$ in it before you even get a chassis. If you ever decide to sell it …..well lets just say they do not sell very well.

      • Kelly says:

        Hey I have a Aztec 7 that I’m going to make an elxtrc car out of . The windsheld is going to be lexand.

        • Donnie says:

          Be careful with that. Lexan is NOT DOT legal. If you have to get your car inspected by the state you live in to issue you an “Assigned VIN” they will not pass it.

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