Veyron Kit Car


You could own this unfinished Veyron Kit Car for $85,000 . Not a typo . This Veyron Kit Car uses a 2004 Pontiac GTO chassis, is automatic, and is said to have 400hp. The seller will finish it for another $15,000 to bring the total to $100,000.

So lets start with the obvious. The GTO is a front engine V8 and a real Veyron is rear engine and double the Cyl. The original is over 1000hp this one is under 500 . This one is automatic.

My big question is who is paying $85,000 for cars like this? Honestly what is the demographic? There are so many “Real” cars out there at $85,000 that can be bought that will our perform this on its best day.

This is one of them cars that I cant even bother posting the link to it. If you want to find it go have a look on eBay.

Here are a few photos of what your $85,000 will get you.




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