Bradley GT2 Kit Car on Craigslist

I am a fan of the Bradley GT2. I have never owned one because of the windshield it uses. Dumb reason right? Well not so dumb if you know that you cant get the windshield. So if you crack it, you cant replace it unless you happen to find one used.

Because I know this, listings like this one really make me laugh…

Have a 69 Bradley gt II kit car on Volkswagen frame motor is not running. It has the gull wing doors on it. Have bill of sale call

Again if you are going to attempt to sell kit cars, or any car for that matter a bit more description is usually a good thing. This seller must not have gotten the memo. The seller also must not have done his research or it was dont after the car with a broken windshield was purchased. I guess I could get into the car not running, no title, and in need of a complete restoration, but you can all see where I am going .

This seller seems to think this Bradley GT2 Kit car is worth $2150. I have said this before. These are kit cars people!!!! Running driving GT2s are going for $3000-$4000 with a title and good windshield. The seller is selling a $500 parts car.

Anyway here is the listing and a few pics.

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  1. Ricky Romero says:

    Is it still available?

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