New Invader Kit Car build

This is today’s LOL. Sometimes I think people should research what kit cars are selling for before they spend the time and money to restore/rebuild one. I don’t think this seller did that. Im guessing this is a “I have $xxxx into the kit car and want to get it all back” sale. But then again the seller must not want it sold all that bad because he/she could not even take the time to add a few decent photos and a description that is worth a darn.

Brand new build. Volkswagen motor. Aluminum floor pans. Clean title under a Volkswagen pan. Quite a looker going down the road.

That’s all you are going to get for a description .

Yellow 8200 invader front

Yellow 8200 invader side

Oh by the way. I forgot to mention the seller wants $8200 for this Invader GT. No I did not type that wrong . $8200 .

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