One of our readers just sent in this eBay ad. The sticker on the car clearly lets you know that this is a Murcielago. You know what amazing looking exotic car that most of us will never afford. The seller says this is a as little known (thank *Insert whoever you pray to*) Contempo Cantara body kit. While the Contara was really ugly it at least flowed all together. The looks where not such a put off. This is what a Cantara should look like (minus the wing IMO)

Contemp Cantara white

Contemp Cantara Brochure

contempo Cantara Body Kit

The eBay one appears to have a few extra mods that I am sure make it go faster and look way better than the original body kit. Well to be honest if this was a Cantara it has been “Customized” beyond recognition.

If after all the horror you still want to own this gem you can find it on ebay here Right now it is going for $2500 with no bidders and a reserve