Chimo VW Kit Car Body For Sale On eBay

Hey everyone,

You know we like things that are a bit different. Some may call them ugly (we do most of the time). As I was browsing eBay a few days ago I came across a Chimo (Body Only) . These were a boxy looking VW based kit made in the late 1970s to early 1980s. They were produced by a Canadian company called Customotive Inc, and later if I recall correctly they were made by Allied Industries.

There was nothing special about these that I recall just another take on the kit cars of the day. The one on eBay does seem to need a great deal of work. Here is what the seller has to say about this Kit Car.

This is a one piece fiberglass kit car body that is complete and ready to bolt to your VW chassis or buy mine for an extra charge. This auction is for the body only which is currently on stands. Have begun to strip ugly yellow paint off but some more finishing work is still required. This car was bought as a roller with an electric motor bolted to the trans-axle. There are some gauges in the dash for an electric car. I will include some interior pieces and the front seats with this auction. I was going to build an electric car but I have another project I need funding for. The body currently will not roll as it is not on the pan/chassis, it is up on stands. I have replaced both full floor pans and the frame head but have not finished welding. Front beam is off. Have parts like chrome shocks ,disk brake conversion kit and much more. It is presently very difficult to get good pictures because of it being on stands in my garage. Buyer will have to either pick up or arrange their own shipping. no title or key. This car is extremely rare and in all the searching I’ve done over the years I have only seen two others. The body was made by a company in Canada. Doors are hung. all glass is installed and in good condition and also included is a super rare rear window louver


As with just about every other kit car out there the seller is trying to associate a limited built kit car as “Rare” Seems people do not realize that just because they did not make a lot of a certain kit car is does not in any way make it rare. These are not production cars. It is not a 1 of 10 production corvette or a tucker. Pretty darn cool but it does not make it any more valuable.

As of my writing this the auction has 2 days left and has no bid with a starting bid of $200. There is also a reserve price. Remember this is only for the body, although he does say he will sell a chassis seperate or put the body on a chassis you provide.

What do you think this body is worth? Me personally think between $200-$400 but I am always interested in hearing what our readers think.

Here is a link to the auction if you want to give it a bid

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