Corvair Powered Kelmark

My friend Eric asked me to post this Kelmark for a friend of his, who writes,

I started to rebuild the car and when my wife bought me my dream car (1955 Chevy) so I moved it to my garage out back about 2 years ago and now I need the room and don’t have time to work on it. When I got the car out of Arizona it ran but I had to hot wire it, the wiring is a little missed up. (I did get the car running and put two new carbs on, it runs good). The engine and trans is out of a 1964 Corvair and had been rebuilt and is on a VW pan. The body is in good shape, I have all the parts seats, dash, door panel and just picket up a new wiring harness for it (not installed at this time . If you have any question’s just let me know.

I don’t think it would take much to get the car on the road.

The Car is sitting in my Heated Garage at this time and I did start working on it with my son but he his playing golf for the High school and has lost interest in it. I live in Derby Kansas Just 5 miles south of Wichita, KS. I would like to get $1,500.00 for it.

You can reach Brian at 316-788-8672.

The first picture is of the car when he got it.

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