Very Rare Kelmark GT Kit Car in Texas

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  1. joe says:

    I know something about these cars—una trappolo mortale that’s for sure. I’d say it’s pretty much worth whatever the motor is worth and then add $1000 for the rest of it.

  2. Rich says:

    Looks like a Karma GT I say that because it has the hood but it’ could have been added. Recently acquired a never finished ultra rare totally unique one of a kind yellow Kelmart GT myself . It was so unique there were 2 more for sale locally lol. Pretty well thought out kit more so than the Aztec GT or Bradley GT I’ve owned.

  3. Donnie says:

    I noticed the hood as well Rich. There is a Karma on craigslist that has been there for months as well. Guy is trying to sell it as some package deal and its a mess. I think he was up at 10k or something and has steadily gone down on his asking price

  4. Reed says:

    I have a yellow one. No way I would even consider selling it. I just like working on it, having it as a toy. Has a Subaru engine and I am redoing interior with Carbon fiber.

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