Cyan Laser 917 for sale

I don’t know much about it’s history, but Ken (who I think is in the Washington DC region, or at least his ISP is) has had this car now for twenty one years (he traded it for his Mercedes), and before that it was in Germany (or so he was told). Anyway, it’s the last of his car collection that he’s selling off — if you’re interested, email him an offer at

cyan-laser-917-a-3.jpg cyan-laser-917-a-2.jpg cyan-laser-917-a-1.jpg

I admit that I’m not personally sold on the color or the addition of the rear wing, but those are easy to change depending on whether you agree with me or not… Other than that, it looks like a very clean A-series (I think) Laser 917.

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  1. Doug says:

    I love the laser a matter of fact I want one. How much is this one selling for??

  2. Doug says:

    I love the laser a matter of fact I want one. How much is this one selling for??

  3. tony says:

    How much. I have a laser 917 myself(inherited) never completed curious?????

  4. Greg says:

    What price..? I still need a chassis for th “a” model.. any help?

  5. Greg says:

    I am trying to put this “A” model together. I need a chassis and interior,ect. Any help here? Thank you Greg

  6. i bought the lazer from ken paid to much for it all thow its a a body rare paint ok motor new i did have to replace clutch preasure plate and cable tires new oil change new added some chrome to eng. also tinted windows 8 point lazer beam alarm new 90 watt sound system new gages steering wheel new rear brakes front new master cyl. all new brake lines front disc upper and lower ball joins new tie rod ends steering damper all wire as been redone all lights and bulbs replace new gas shocks front air in rear mirrors new door handles carb rebuilt new horn tune up all undercoated needs the new wiper motor installed and seats also needs agln. due to new front end parts under body has been undercoated behine driver seat there is a 4 in by 4 in small rust area nothing that a small peace of sheet metal and some pop rivets would fix never got title he loss it so you would have to get bonded title or other dont no i have over 14k in the car and will sell it 9500 firm or ill keep in and finsh working the bugs out of it

  7. john says:

    AM interested in buying or TRADING for 917 laser 917. anyone have one out there ?

  8. Paul Vaine says:

    A laser owner has asked me to post his car for sale to see if there is anyone interested,
    The car is in San Antonio tx

    He has put lots of money into the car and it still has a few things it needs to make it right,
    The car doesn’t run/drive at the moment and has no seats,
    It does have a fresh engine and other goodies stereo etc
    He was hurt and 1/2 his body keep him from doing things like working on or driving such a car

    He was asking me to post it here to see if anyone wants it,

    Here is his Email and phone


  9. Willis says:

    Pretty cool car

  10. Willis says:

    Awesome car looks like space ship

  11. Steve says:

    i was wondering if the car was still for sale please let me know !!!

  1. June 12, 2006

    […] A little while back I posted about Ken’s Laser 917 for sale — he just updated me with a few more pictures, and adds, This cars interior needs to be redone (the last quote was five hundred). The engine is new with 500 miles on it. It has an awesome paint job with pinstriping, and this car turns heads. You can’t stop smiling when you drive a car like this. Ninety percent of the on-coming traffic is sitting on the edge of their seats checking out the car coming toward them. Its a great feeling, having something that puts a smile on people’s faces! […]

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