Factory Turnkey Manta Mirage

God, I love Manta Mirages. He sold it in 1998 as far as I know (I think in the $25,000 range, which is where a top-end Manta seems to sit) to work on a new toy.

This is actually a factory car — built by the factory in 1985 (although it’s titled as a 1972 in MA), with the killer driveline installed professionally as well (a 350 with loads of goodies plus a four carb setup recently added)… Very fun, very fast car.

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  1. HarryCaine says:

    Hello,I´m from germany and like the Manta Mirage as well.Can you tell me if it´s very expensive to get one??

    with compliments


  2. Ed Carye says:

    I’m actually the previous owner. Can’t believe pictures are still around on the web. Really miss this one, sold it to a guy in Southern California. This car was anfd i’m sure is very, very fast.


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