Ferrari 328 GTB replica for sale

Matt writes in about his Ferrari 328 GTB for sale. It’s powered by a 2.8L V6 and an automatic transmission. It sports remote door openers, a CD player, custom interior, power locks, window, and antenna, two-tone red and black seats, custom tilt steering wheel, Ferrari emblems, custom halogen headlights and dual fog/road lamps, custom exhaust, suspension, tires, and wheels, blue side view mirrors, Ferrari Rossa red paint, and more. Whew! The price is a firm $20,000 US and you can reach Matt at 631-484-2874 or via

ferrari-328-gtb-1.jpg ferrari-328-gtb-2.jpg ferrari-328-gtb-3.jpg ferrari-328-gtb-4.jpg ferrari-328-gtb-5.jpg

6 Responses

  1. hgfjhj says:

    can i have your car for 15000 canadian

  2. Frank says:

    where in ny u from?? im very interested

  3. Myka says:

    you could buy a real one for 20,000.

  4. Bruce Centner says:

    Can you please send more pictures of the inside and of the engine and underneath – the drive train.

    Please let me know if you have already sold the car. I hope not.

  5. jeff says:

    Bruce, stop teasing the poor misguided guy.

  6. Mrs.fields says:

    Drive one of these and command instant respect. All the women will want you, and every man will want to be like you. The moment you step out of one of these sex machines, music will begin to play and the world will go into slow motion as everyone stares in awe. Be prepared to look the part with a tiny dyed mustache and some sweet aviators. Aw yeeeeaaahh….here he comes…..

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