I suppose continuing in the contest of who can try and sell the ugliest homemade supercar on eBay, let me present to you “The Heidelberg“, said to be a side project of a now liquidated aerospace company running a Porsche 911/915 driveline on a custom chassis which was auctioning (item #4647720544) for an asking price of $50,000 including “$1.5 million of tooling”. It received zero bids. Can you imagine having spent $1.5 million+ on this? Talk about a white whale.

Problem is, no matter how solid the engineering may or may not be on this vehicle and what it’s capable of (no performance stats were given and it was said to be “95% complete”), to my eye, it’s simply too fugly to be a success (unlike the similarly styled vehicles of Bill Carter). I’m sorry, I always hate saying this about projects that people have obviously put a lot of effort into, but this is really terrible in my opinion and I think the final photo pretty much sums up the design sense of the folks involved.

If I had to play Creskin, I’m going to suggest that their website was heavy on the animated GIFs and MIDI files.

All that said, if you think I’m a jackass and disagree with me, the eBay seller is tournavista, who I’m sure you can contact directly and make an offer if you’d like to. Oh, and thanks to kitcarguy for the tip.