Ferrari 430 Replica Kit Car

To call this a Ferrari 430 Replica Kit Car almost makes me ill. These 430 replicas that came out years ago for the MR2 are some of the worst looking Ferrari replicas ever! I mean horrible looking. The front and rear of them look ok but from the side it looks like they cut out 20 inches and put it back together. The best part of this ones is what the seller says about it…

This Ferr@ri Replica is based on the F430 model. The donor car is a Toyota MR2. The car is very reliable and runs very well. The engine has only 42,500 miles ! The tires are wide and are as good as new. The rims are MAKAVELI stainless steel which are used for Ferrari cars. The top has no flaws and has no rips or discoloration. The body is flawless. The car has the most beautiful metalic grey paint job. There are no scratches or dents anywhere in the body. The transmission is semi automatic and the gears are changed with finger the same as genuine Ferrari. The interior is leather with Ferrari emblem sewn on the seats. All emblems are genuine Ferrari emblems. The car also has a “Wind Breaker” that can be installed very easily when the top is down. This car looks very close to a real Ferrari car. The car feels,looks and sounds like a real one. It can be driven on daily basis. After all it is a Toyota.

Now come on! Lets be honest here. There is NO way the 4cyl MR2 engine sounds like a 430 and it is very obvious they do not look the same. Does not matter if the top is up or down, it will not be fooling anyone. You can check out the auction here

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