This Fiero Really Wanted To Be A Countach

Yes, This Fiero Really Wanted To Be A Countach! But as you can see by the photos it failed miserably. Besides the fact that there was never a convertible countach this one looks like it was in the crusher and half way through they had a change of hard and took it out. The end result was a car that looking more like a cartoon than the car it was inspired by.

I guess the plus side is this ridiculous looking thing is only $2650. The bad part is that if you paid $2650 you would certainly be laughed at.

Here is what the listing says …

Lamborghini Countach convertible kit car project. Project started but not finished. hard part is already done. Body is mounted on car. And doors are fully functional. With glass power windows and power locks. the car needs interior and windshield. parts that come from a Fiero. As this car is a Fiero. the car has 75000 original miles. the car has multiport injected mid engine v6, 5 speed stick shift transmission, air conditioning, tilt, cruise control, power windows, power door locks.the tires and wheels in the picture do not come with the car. car has rollers, tires and wheels to move the car around with that do come with the car. I am in Citrus County Florida.

I hate to say it but I am not surprised this one is in Citrus County Florida. Not surprised a bit. Well I guess you want to see a few pics to laugh like I did. If you see anything like this be sure to send us the link.

Fiero Countach Front

Fiero Countach Side

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  1. Seth Darvick says:

    Who is responsible for making such a kit? They should be arrested for hurting the eyes of anyone that sees this kit. Just another Coutach kit but what makes this so bad is the stubby profile. The car wouldn’t fool a blind person.
    It is an absolute disgrace to any Coutach lover. Driving up with this thing to a club is like showing up at church with a whoopee cushion.

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