Gorgeous and Fast Kelmark Kit

Brian McRae built his terrifyingly fast red Kelmark GT (or “Kelmark Liberator” depending on whose naming convention you want to use) around a tube chassis and a V8 mated to a Corvair tranny… I have almost the same car sitting in a barn right now, but trust me, Brian’s is about a zillion times nicer! Last I checked this car was in Nepean (near Ottawa, Canada).

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  1. Aaron says:

    hey could you email me some information of where you get your parts for your kelmark. I have been searching everywhere and I cant seem to find anything. Your car shows me how much potential mine has. Its a hell of a restoration! Great job

  2. christina says:

    Hello, I’m not sure if you could help my son He has a origanal 1971 Kalmark GT. He is wanting to know the value of the car. It is at this time not running. And needs some repairs to the roof the rest of the body is in good condition outside of a good paint job. The engine needs repairs. He really likes the way your car was restoed and wants to see about doing the same. You do have a very sharp looking car. thank you

  3. Brian says:

    The kit for my car was $11,000. It cost me another $10,000 to finish it. Canadian dollars 1985-1997, 13 years from the day I bought it, to the first day licensed and driven on the road. There were a few years that I did not do anything. Someone told me it is worth $35,000 Canadian. I got my parts from local scrap yards and auto parts stores.

  4. Tim Glidden says:

    Was wondering if you knew of any Kelmark GT’s for sale? I have always wanted to build one. Thanks Tim Glidden from TG Customs

  5. Ryan Moore says:

    Tim, I’ve got a Kelmark GT for sale. When I bought it, it was in perfect shape and was appraised at $18,000US. Unfortunately it sat outside without being driven for several years and needs a new paint job and the engine cleaned up. It has about 10,000 miles on it from the time it was built. I’m asking $3,000 and am in northern California. Please contact me if interested. nicemarmot831@comcast.net

  6. Anthony says:

    Was wondering about kelmarks. i just recently bought one in faboulous condition the engine just needs to be rebuilt and i cant seem to find any engine parts that fit wondering if you could help me Thanks A lot

  7. Kenny says:

    Do you know where I can get door seals for both sides of the door & Outside Window Seal? I also need a drivers side door handle. I looked at the Kelmark pars list and it says Capri – thru 74 but my friend says it looks like it’s from an Gremlin Javelin. Any info will help!!!

  8. bert says:

    hi i have a 1970 ? kelmark vw based car and need ether complete doors or window glass . also need pass head light ass . where is a good parts source thanks for any help BRUSSELL@NC.RR.COM

  1. October 30, 2006

    […] In addition to his body mod empire, Shannon hosts one of the coolest car blogs I’ve seen yet. As a kid, I used to pour over each issue of Kit Car Magazine while dreaming about building a Kelmark GT. In Price of his Toys, Shannon has brought together tons of pics and stories of Kit Cars of all types. All the kits are there, from Kelmark to Bradley and Aztec to Manta. For some reason, I don’t ever recall seeing a Jamaican before, but it’s a beautiful machine. […]

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