Hensen M30 Kit Car For Sale

The Hensen M30 is an ultra-rare (production run of seventeen cars, with less than ten currently known) component car designed by Hugo Brett Henricksen in the UK around Granada components. Selling for about £4000 in the early eighties, it was intended to be a “poor man’s luxury sports car”. It’s an interesting mix of relatively mundane and boxy appearance with very muscular and macho design.

This example in Nantwich, United Kingdom is owned by the Hensen club secretary, who’s now decided to put it up for sale. It’s been extensively modified, including a coupe conversion to the rear (using Mazda RX7 parts) and a tuned Rover V8 3.9L aluminum engine and an SD1 5-speed transmission. The photos of the car complete were taken in 1996. The car was dismantled several years afterwards, and it’s largely sat in dry storage since.

Now, a move requires finally letting go of the project, and it’s up on eBay (#330245180179), currently at £2,750.00, which Neil says is likely less than the driveline alone is worth. You can also reach him by email at atinofspam@hotmail.co.uk.

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