New Mantaray Kit/Turnkey

Jim (who’s selling the Jamaicans a couple entries down from this entry — also has this elegant Mazda Miata based creation called the “Mantaray”. So far he’s built two of them, and is willing to provide them as turnkeys or kits to interested buyers. Drop him a line if you’d like one.

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  1. Tom Alvary says:

    Hey, What are those sedans in the pictures? The look kind of like the Solectria Sunrise, or maybe a Honda del Sol based kit car?

    And the rear of the other roadster- to my eye it is much prettier than the Mantaray. Very interesting…

  2. Ross says:

    Oh wow, a kit car that doesn’t look like a lumpy bondo and fiberglass turd.

  3. Ross says:

    Hmmm… a kit car that doesn’t look like a lumpy fiberglass and bondo turd. Where’s the plywood hood and the 30 batteries under the back seat for the electric conversion?

  4. Tom Alvary says:

    OK, by accident I stumbled across what the coupe is, and it is a very special car indeed. Called a Toyota Sera, its a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) beauty based on Paseo/Tercel/Starlet mechanicals and made in the early 1990s. Gorgeous big glass greenhouse, including some fabulous “butterfly” doors, and its a stock Toyota. Wow. There’s one for sale on ebay right now, which is how I stumbled onto it, and it seems cheap at $7500:

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