Orange Manta Mirage For Sale

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Currently waiting for an opening bid of just $10,000 (#130238688697) is this orange Manta Mirage in Santa Rosa, California, United States. It’s been finished (in the early eighties, after which the owner died and the car has basically sat since then), but because of the expired paperwork, in California it needs to pass smog testing, which obviously won’t happen — probably this car is best for buyers in states with no such requirement. It’s running the standard Chev 350 V8 mated to a Corvair 4-speed transmission setup, and has some very minor body work needed, but this is a great price for someone looking for a Manta. With Lamborghini replicas and Cobras consistently fetching well over $40,000, it always amazes me how little the Mantas sell for these days.

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  1. MOHMAD says:

    how mich this is the car

  2. Debby says:

    I am interested in knowing more about this car…

  3. Jay Anne says:

    heck i want to buy it right now just give me the number

  4. frank says:

    If it is still for sale I will buy it,

    707-639-5295, cell 916-515-6602

  5. Dano says:

    I never realized that the Mirage used a corvair transaxle as the standard setup. I know where a Mirage has been sitting in a shed/barn for close to 30 years! It’s orange and has a sbc like this one. These kits and the Montage’s are some of the best looking from their era…imo.

  6. Yeah, stock they are 4-speed Corvair, although people swap in ZF (a la the Pantera) transmissions and Porsche (G35 I think?) transmissions as well to handle more power and for 5 and 6 speed set ups.

  7. Actually these cars can still be registered in California…SB 100 law at start of each year. 500 cars in California are allowed as long as its a non year car and Manta meets this criteria. The trans is the weak link of this car as the input shaft has to take the torque of a much larger engine….as long as you don’t jump on it to burn rubber they will last a long time….hope I’ve helped…and yes I miss my Manta !

  8. Chris Kowalski says:

    Very interested if u still have please call Chris 201 702 3527 if it has clean title. Have cash $$$$$$$

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