The 50…..Ummmm 100K Kelmark GT

I had a well crafted post put together about this cost of this car then I just deleted it. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SELLER ON? A 50k starting bid for a kelmark is absurd. A 100k BIN price is just plain ridiculous. I do not know about all of you, but even with its complete resto, and use of quality parts during the rebuild there is not a $35,000 price tag there that I can see. I personally do not care what the seller invested in it.

I think it is a well done, good looking car. It very well could be the best I have ever seen, but not a chance does it sell for anywhere near the $50k reserve or does anyone BIN for 100K

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  1. Rich says:

    Well he consulted with Elvis and the Easter Bunny on the resto. It’s an example of head trauma gone wild lol.

  2. Bats says:

    We have all seen this before and I have another
    One to post of a fellow who thinks his laser
    Is a 33 k Porsche replica.
    Sometimes sellers believe their stories other
    Times they are hoping for a sucker with way more
    Loot than grey matter.
    I have seen a few cases where they didn’t
    Want to sell so they price it so high no one will
    Touch it.
    This kelmark still runs the corvair gearbox
    A horribly weak link so no matter how nice the restro
    8-10 would be top dollar.

  3. Brian says:

    It’s the 2nd or 3rd time he’s listed it too.

  4. Brian says:

    It’s back. Starting at $30,0000

  5. This guy is fit for the psych ward – Corvair Transaxle? Puleeeease…what a POS

    Look at the horrible unclear and dull reflections in the sides of the doors – and he is PROUD of that picture – you know he chose it over other ones that looked even worse

    What a waterhead – I bet that car handles like crap – can’t I at least get a decent set of rims for $100K?

    Brain damaged seller/curbSTONER!

  6. ted says:

    I say go for it , Really what if he actually pulled in the 100.000.00 or even 75,000.00 he would set a new bar for those of us that have great kit cars that are rare and nearly unobtainable. Go for and lead the way for those that will sell in the future. when I look at some of these newer kits Cobras and Lambos going for crzy money why not a kelmark.

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