Two Canadian Bradley GTs

A pair (unrelated) of Bradley GTs are currently up for sale here in the Toronto area. The first was built back in 1975 by Rockway Pontiac (Brockville, Ontario, where the car is still located) as part of a series of five they put together as turnkeys, and finally completed and put on the road in 1982. It’s in “perfect” shape and comes with the doors and all parts intact, and runs on a standard 4-speed 1600cc VW Beetle pan. Dennis, the second owner, is asking $5,995 for it and you can reach him at Unlike most kit cars, this one is being sold certified/safetied! At first glance, this looks like one of the most solid Bradley GTs you could step right into with no work available in Canada.

For a thousand dollars less ($4,999) is the second Bradley GT currently up for sale (on Kijiji #44698107) and is a ’93 registration with Viper red paint job from a couple years ago. It’s located in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

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