VW Bradley GT Hard To Find

I’m sure the seller of this Bradley GT Kit Car had a slip of the finger and added an extra zero to the price. There is no way him or any other seller would think what he has is worth $1500. These type of kit cars generally can be found in running condition for $1500.

But then again he did say this in his ad…

VW Bradley GT Hard To Find. I have a very rare and hard to find vw Bradley gt kit car that need restored.if interested please call

I mean come on! Everyone know that when you say it is very rare and hard to find you can add a kit rare kit car tax. Just for the hell of it I did a quick and dirty craigslist search to see how many Bradley GT Kit Cars I could find. My result was about 20 of them. That was in about 30 seconds. Even found a few runners for less then the price of this one.

To be completely honest judging by the looks of this Bradley GT it might be best to pay someone to haul it off or just give it away. It is in really sad shape. I never like to see kit cars end up on the scrap truck but this one has seen better days.

Have a look at the photos and comment below.


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  1. Wayne Groppe says:

    I have two Bradley GT kit cars for sale 1200.00 each

    • Donnie says:

      Going to need a little more info than that Wayne. I assume for $1200 they are complete with titles, and possibly running?

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