White V8 Kelmark GT for Sale

I just got this letter about a while Kelmark built around a Corvair tranny and a 350 V8… So you can bet it’s nice and fast, and the Kelmark is one of the better build kits out there.


Perfect body with paint to match; (Metallic white). Beautiful all the way around, this is the car you’ve always wanted, but just couldn’t afford till now. (sell what you have and BUY this now). A great attention getter and a blast to drive. 350 Chevy V8 Engine with dual exhaust, makes this baby a rocket on wheels. Appears to have been built probably within the past few years or sooner due to the condition. I grabbed this at a donation charity sale, so I don’t know a lot of the specs, or the history, only what I know personally and what my mechanic has told me. If you know these cars, then you probably know more than me as to the actual technical stuff. Interior is great with 2 roll up windows (which is rare for kit cars). Dash is excellent as is the console. Seats are from a Porsche 914. Blaupunkt Cassette stereo with 10 CD changer in the trunk (this was my stereo that I had in a 280 Z, working great, but I have not connected it yet. All exterior lights, brake lights, and dash lights all work. Wipers and fan blower work. NO ac or heater installed. None of the gauges are working (probably not hooked up). Red button on left of dash is a custom horn. Racer style GT steering wheel. I don’t know the year of the body, maybe 84. Body is almost flawless, with a few slight scratches. I do have the front plate. Registration is 2004 so some back DMV fees are due. I did not list a VIN#, but will have it posted. I had a compression test done, and will list the results tomorrow. This has a 4 speed tranny with a Hurst shifter, but I don’t know what kind of transmission it is. According to Mid-Engineering, INC. probably a CHEVY CORVAIR Transaxle. They also make a tubular chasis for these kAll gears shift well and the reverse is to the left and up (if that helps). Looks like a Holly Performance Carburator (either new or rebuilt) with 2 barrel double throw, (according to my mechanic) Performance Coil and intake. Chrome valve covers and air cleaner cover. Kelmark Engineering was founded in 1969. The purpose was the high-performance-oriented building of high-powered VW and Corvair mid-engine performance packages. The company progressed along these lines until 1972, when the idea of developing a separate body to be used with thes mid-engined packages was developed. Thus the first “Kelmark” was created. At first the body was just a very rough shell, as were most of the kit cars on the market at that time. As the industry grew, products improved. In 1975, Kelmark roll-up windows were added, an innovation for the industry.

NOTE: Here are the compression test readings; Cylinder 1: 105, 2: 120, 3: 110, 4: 125, 5: 85, 6: 110, 7: 120, 8: 125. I have not changed the oil in it or anything, but sparks were changed. So I don’t know if the readings will be higher if car is driven more.

ALSO: Vehicle was running hot, my mechanic believes that it’s the coolant not circulating properly. He did not, however, change the waterpump. He did bypass the radiator fans to run continuosly, but still running hot. It’s not the head gasket, and water is not mixing with the oil.

TIRES: Front tires are 14″ size 60, rear tires are 15″ size 50.

$9,500 or best offer  SOLD

Interested? Here’s some pictures:

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