Winged Manta Mirage

The only thing more metal than the Manta Mirage is selling your Manta Mirage to finance your metal band… That’s the story behind the Mirage below, which was sold for $10,000 — probably the best price you’ll ever find for a running Manta. It was built with a fairly stock setup on the tube chassis (short version), a VW front end with variable height air suspension, and a 327 V8 mated to a Corvair transmission. Chris had bought the car with an unknown history, so we don’t know who built the custom rear end with the molded in wing.

2 Responses

  1. scot says:

    That wing is in fact 17x more metal than when james hetfield cut his hair.

    And thats pretty fucking metal. Of course, its not swedish metal, because thats reserved for the vector w8.

  2. chris kalman says:

    Been in the market for a while. how much?

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