Writing this feels like shooting a dude in a wheelchair

I feel bad picking on this car, because it’s just so ridiculously ugly that I doubt the creator is even aware of what a monstrosity it is… I mean, it looks like it’s a destroyed Fiero that someone has stapled pieces of silver cardboard all over. The only reason I can think of that someone would bid on eBay item #270021535339 is to scavenge the two Fieros for parts. I’m sorry, but I think this may be the ugliest car I’ve ever posted here. In a way, it’s heartbreaking to imagine that this is the result of hundreds of hours of someone pouring their heart into a dream project.

Yeah, it looks promising in the first thumbnail, I know…

uglymobile-1.jpg uglymobile-2.jpg uglymobile-3.jpg uglymobile-4.jpg uglymobile-5.jpg uglymobile-6.jpg uglymobile-7.jpg uglymobile-8.jpg

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  1. Paul Vaine says:

    Um…The scoops on the side are painted on?

  2. Riles says:

    lol…. LOL! LMFAO!!!!! You shouldn’t feel bad at writting this – and as far as shooting a dude in a wheel chair, if he deserves to be shot, kill ‘im. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS VEHICLE SOLD?? $1,301!!!! Here is his ad – more good thought went into the sales pitch than did the whole project!
    “You will find many kit cars on ebay. Each one built to replicate or imitate 355’s or Diablo’s. This is not the case here. This car has taken on its own life. It began life as a GT Fiero V6 (Very Fast). The first owner took the reins to produce a Lamborghini Countach. He sold it to another man with many Countach kits; he ultimately got bored with it. Crossing race car ruggedness with low sweeping Lamborghini lines this car has evolved into what you see here. Hand crafted out of aluminum with a custom triplex windscreen. Over the years it has attracted a lot of interesting looks as 1 of a kind.

    If you want to do something different I would build off of current trends. If you look at the latest Batmobile driven by Christian Bale then you will see the same rugged hard metal look of this kit. Paint this car flat black, tint the windows and add a few triangular aluminum panels and you have yourself the 1st Batmobile replica of this generation. Wild, razor edged, and rugged.

    The car has been sitting for a while in a nice garage. It may have engine trouble so I will throw in another Fiero with the deal. I guess that’s 2 cars for 1 price! Anyways I think it has potential so if you have the time, make something cool out of this thing.”


    God speed to the current owner

  3. kyle says:

    i think its cool, it looks like something u could run over zombies in

  4. Neil says:

    Just needs a Mr. Fusion on the top get it to 88mph and it could be in Back to the Future 4. No sorry, thats not fair on the DeLorean – thats an ace looking car.

  5. spence says:

    if you go one step further and fiberglass mat the car to smooth up the lines, build a rear hatch and paint this sucker, i think i would look great.. the body lines are cool, i would much rather see something like this be created than a bolt on replica body..( i have built a few of those so i know there is a ton of work in that as well)..i like the creativity and in this stage it is ugly but lets us believe this wasnt the finished product…i would have paid a 1500 for it

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