Yellow Invader GT Kit Car

Many times here I’ve mentioned how much I like the Invader GT kit car… It’s an “awkwardly exotic” but endearing design originally prototyped by plastics student Bruce Weeks (Autokit) that’s been through a number of iterations, with a production run lasting from the early 70s, both domestically and in Spain, until at least the late 90s (under Kaylor Kit) — there’s even talk of more being produced, using Roy Kaylor’s high performance 100+ mpg hybrid setup.

Anyway, I was happy to see this beautiful example, one of the cleanest examples out there, up for sale (#220244019018) here in Ontario, Canada. The car is built on a ’71 VW Karman Ghia chassis as has about 200 miles on a rebuilt 1650cc engine (currently driven on weekends). The lockable gullwing doors were fabricated by the owner out of heavy lexan… If it doesn’t sell on eBay I’ll try and go see it in person next week and post some more pictures.

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  1. george brown says:

    Thank you for placing my toy on your site.
    It did not sell so I may list it localy.

  2. ane says:

    i just love your yellow invader i want mine to be just like it. can someone tell me what a total restoration would be. is there anyway for these kit to be air conditioned the old ones like the invader. please help me.

  3. ane says:

    have you sold this kit yet i would love to buy it where are you located.

  4. Dan Yarger says:

    I have an Invader that a mechanic shop gave me for free. Where would I find the VIN number or original Bug chassis plate in order to make it DMV legal? I have no title, just a Bill of Sale. If no Vin number can be found, is there another way to register a car without a VIN number?

  5. Tyler says:

    I posted incorrectly under a different post – I purchased this exact car just a few weeks ago! I can’t believe I stumbled upon it here lol. Anyway, I am searching for ANY information that is available on it. The car is not currently running – it will be a few more weeks before it goes into the shop for a safety check.

    Any information is greatly appreciated! I was told that it is the only one in Canada(?).


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