Autodynamics Hustler Kit Car

Autodynamics was a company that made race chassis in the sixties (including a dozen mid-engine platforms for FiberFab), and then took over making the successful Deserter dunebuggy. They were also making replacement body panels for the Lotus Elan, which they bridged into a business making full Elan-inspired bodies for a shortened VW chassis, a kit which sold for $1,300 at the time.

Viv ( has the 1972 one below for sale for $3,000 or best offer, writing that only about forty were ever made and that the fit and finish makes it seem more like a production vehicle than a kit car, although there are a few stress cracks that show through the recent paint job (and new windshield, gas tank, and floors). A little work is still needed, the rear brakes have to be hooked up and the wiring needs attention — don’t worry, it comes with a manual — but it seems like a good deal for someone willing to do these last little touches. The car is located in Del Rio, Texas.

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  1. NOVAK says:

    What happened to this car? Did it sell? Where is it now?

  2. wolfgangdieter says:

    I have a friend in Connecticut that bought a 1968 yellow Hustler with a 356 Porsche engine reportedly owned and raced by the race car legend Sam Posey. He went over mechanicals but just cleaned up the rest of the vehicle after purchasing it as a barn find. He has recently taken it to Lime Rock Raceway. His has the 13″ original pie pan look alloy wheels. He hopes to meet up with Sam Posey who is now around 81. It’s a very small car but when parked next to it’s step brother the Lotus Elan – looks huge. There were only 43 made (I thought all in 1968 but it may have taken this owner a few years to finish his so the 1972 year). Any one else have one or information on the Hustler.

  3. Ashcreeek says:

    Greetings, I still have the car, and it’s in good driving condition. Might be putting up

    for sale this spring. The car was driven by Nick, Sam’s younger brother as an everyday

    driver. It was only driven around the little town of Sharon Ct. It has about 5,000 original

    miles on it.

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